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Does Religion Have a Future?

By Amy Pointon

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There are many religions in the world and there have been for over 30,000 years but will they still exist in the future? Or will they just fade away completely? In this essay I will explore both options and then come to my own conclusion as to what I think could potentially happen in the future.

On one hand I think that religion will still be around in the future because it plays a big part of people’s lives. This is because I think that religion had been around for so long and it has even created some of the world’s history, like the Holocaust or The Crusades, and is still doing so today, like with Donald Trump wanting to ban Muslims from America. There are also many wars around the world still happening today because one person believes in a different god to someone else. Not only that but if you look at the time when Mary I ruled England you had to be a Catholic otherwise you would have been killed. She executed thousands of Protestants and others who didn’t practise Catholicism earning her the nickname Bloody Mary. As these historic events were so horrific and have never been forgotten, even though they happened a long time ago, I don’t think that they ever will be forgotten as they have played such a big part of the world because so many people have died. I also think that religion will still be around in the future because there are many tribes and communities that have either been rejected by society or have shut out society altogether because of their beliefs. I think that, even if religion doesn’t exist anywhere else, those tribes/communities will still believe because, as they have been removed from society, they don’t have anyone to tell them otherwise and they won’t have anyone to force them to believe in something against their religious beliefs. If you look at today’s society there are still conflicts because of religion. Donald Trump, for example, is planning to ban Muslims from America because he thinks it will solve terrorism in America and many people are getting angry and offended by it but the thing is, a considerable number of those people aren’t Muslims and don’t come from Muslim descent. I also think that, even if some religions don’t exist in the future, the more dominant religions will defiantly still exist.

On the other hand I don’t think that religion will be around in the future. This is because I think that many people just don’t believe in a god or higher power and many more of those people are going to come about in the future. Over 20% of people now are non-believers and that number is rising. Also if you look into the past the religious communities of the world aren’t as active as they once were. If you look at the time of Bloody Mary again people went to church and there was only one religion and that was it whereas now many places welcome different religions and people aren’t as strict with going to church. Yes there are some religions that are strict on going to church or their place of worship like the Muslims who pray 5 times a day. I do think that eventually more and more people will just stop believing and there won’t be any religion left around. I do, however, think that this will take a long time to happen as some religions will not go down without a fight because they are very firm believers.

In conclusion I think that religion will still be around for a long time to come as it has been around for so long and been a part of a lot of different lives but eventually it may start to slip and become, what we now call, a myth but, unless someone invents a machine that goes into the future, we just don’t know.

© 2017 Amy Pointon

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